Respirator Fit Testing

Are my employees required to be fit tested? (Links to Regulations)

AUDI-CHECK, LLC now offers quantitative respirator fit-testing using the OHD Quantifit, a machine that has revolutionized the fit-testing process. Compared to qualitative fit-testing methods using a hood and stimulating agent, the quantitative fit test is more efficient, accurate, and trustworthy to provide assurance that your employees are not being exposed to harmful particulates.

Employees will be tested using the exact make, model, and size respirator that they will be using on the job. A passed test will be documented immediately, and a numerical fit factor is given to ensure that the mask is in good shape and being worn properly. Each test takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Medical Evaluation for Respirator Use Clearance

OSHA does require that every employee complete and pass a medical evaluation PRIOR TO being fit-tested the first time for a respirator. Although respirator fit testing is required annually, a pre-fit test medical evaluation is only required prior to the initial fit test, AND then subsequently under certain circumstances (see what those circumstances are – OSHA 1910.134(e)(7) )

Our technicians will need to see evidence of medical clearance prior to performing a fit test on your employees. If your employees need that clearance, AUDI-CHECK, LLC can refer you to a trusted partner who offers an on-line medical evaluation that can be done on-site. Contact us for more information.

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