Pulmonary Function Testing

Do my employees need pulmonary function testing? (Link to OSHA guidance)


respirator man

Pulmonary function testing is recommended by NIOSH for all employees who are required to wear filtering masks or respirators on the job.  However, it is only required by OSHA for certain particulate exposures.  Please visit our Regulations page for links to find out more information.

AUDI-CHECK, LLC performs pulmonary function tests on-site with the newest technology in flow spirometry.  All technicians have attended and passed a NIOSH-approved Spirometry training course.  Each employee can expect to be off the job for 15-20 minutes.

All pulmonary function tests are sent to our supervising physicians, who determine whether a follow-up medical evaluation is needed.  All tests will be compared to previously established baseline results to monitor for any loss in respiratory capabilities.


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